The Catalyst: Beginnings

I had no plans to share my photographs from my Iceland trip in 2016 even though I bought my first digital camera to capture the wondrous country. My wife encouraged me to start and I found that Instagram was my medium of choice. On and off, I took pictures until early 2018 when I photographed 3-4 times a week. I was passionate and that fed my practice. Which in turn created more fervor for the hobby. But I had no plans to sell my work. 

Until a friend mentioned me to a professional photographer who reviewed my images.   After a direct and realistic though not unkind critique, he offered me a second review some time after the first and that proved to be the catalyst for me to start a business and see if my passion and practice would bring in income. 

Art Fairs & Success

Therefore, in 2019, I applied to all the top art fairs in Minnesota and was accepted into all except for one. Not bad for year one! Even with the pandemic wiping out all but two shows in 2020, I managed to make it to black three years after the start. My favorite shows have been Grand Marais, Bayfront Park, Edina, and Lakeville - due more to the entire event rather than  financial reasons. 

I could not have done this without God's blessing, sending me a professional mentor who shared all his knowledge, connections, equipment, and so much more. Neither without the support from my wife who backed the business start even though it meant a massive financial commitment with no guarantee of return. And the family members and friends who supported me along the way with artists who shared with me tips at the fairs. The community has been incredible. 

2023 & Beyond

It is doubtful I will participate in art fairs this year due to a growing family. When I started the business, my wife and I had no children but now we are preparing to welcome a second in May. I am also the Executive Director of a nonprofit and therefore, I cannot grow them both and this small business. 

I will still photograph and sell my images but without the marketing hustle of the past. I miss it already but I also appreciate slowing down and enjoying the creation process again. My hope is to return to the art fair circuit some day with new material, a new look, and to stand out from the other landscape photographers. 

In the meantime, please let me know if interested in a print or purchase one online. 

Thank you for reading and being part of this journey.

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