About the Artist - Josh Driver

Josh Driver

Welcome to my online gallery.

I devoted 2018 to capturing all seasons all around Minnesota and am thankful to have gathered so much color this year. My consistent love for the outdoors drives this creative outlet. While I love going to popular places, my joy is in visiting the uncommon ones.

An interesting fact about my photography is I love shooting winter. I've embraced Minnesota's cold winters and find the ice to be more transforming and unique than every other season.

I'm always testing my composition and focus quite heavily on flow, balance, mirroring, edges, corners and so much more. Grabbing a well-composed photo rivals capturing glorious light.

Beyond the art, beyond the sale, my photography goals are to be an encouraging, positive, and supportive force in the local Minnesota photographer community. That being said, do browse my images and let me know at josh@joshdriverphotography.com if you want a print, especially a metal one

I welcome interaction with you so connect with me on Facebook or on Instagram.

If you enjoy reading, and want to learn more about me and see more photos, please check out my photo blog.

Stay tuned for an exciting year in 2019 that will consist of trips to the North Shore, Utah, and Scotland. Thanks for reading and visiting the site.


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